My Projects

This page will display both my completed and ongoing projects.

My Projects

Cambridge University AI in Medicine Society

Founding this society was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. 🫡 The creation process—filing the paperwork, building the team, creating our assets, and recruiting our first audience—pushed me out of my comfort zone in many regards.

This experience left a lasting taste for creation and entrepreneurship 🫶🏽

The society incorporated my lifelong passions: technology, emerging AI concepts, and medical knowledge. We hosted live seminars, hands-on practical teaching sessions, and social events.

Our goal was to educate students about the latest advancements in AI for medicine and teach them how to actually create AI—this was all happening before chatGPT took the scene by storm!

Silicon Valley Internship - Exa Health

Medical students in the UK typically embark on a medical elective during their degree program. At Cambridge, this occurs after the 5th year. The objective is to broaden your horizons and acquire new skills!

While my elective might not have been as picturesque as lounging on an Australian beach, like some of my friends, it was still exhilarating. I undertook an internship at a Silicon Valley medical AI startup and acquired invaluable skills. 👨🏽‍💻

My responsibilities spanned from branding and competitive analysis to marketing. I even spent time decoding the codebase and writing some AI algorithms myself—a significant leap for a medical student.

Securing this internship through LinkedIn reinforced the importance of personal branding for me. ⭐️

The Metaverse Doctor and Refined Creators

Even though medical school was ramping up, I wanted to keep creating.

While using the Quest 2's VR, my friend and I were chatting in the Metaverse when he brought up ongoing wrist pain, which he suspected might be carpal tunnel. Using the VR's finger tracking, I guided him through Tinel's and Phalen's tests—both highly sensitive tests for diagnosing carpal tunnel. After our consultation, it became clear that he was dealing with tendonitis rather than carpal tunnel.

This blew our minds 🤯. We realized the potential of VR for remote consultations, and so I decided to create The Metaverse Doctor. I spent weeks creating a VR avatar to represent myself, designing the 3D environments in which I would operate, and figuring out a way to record myself. I then started to create content that focused on medical technology and AI.

In the end, psychology determined that people online preferred human faces, but what a fun project!

Around a similar time, I had an idea to create a group of educational creators who would meet every Sunday on Discord to collaborate and work on creating and scheduling their own content.

I created a website, linked here, that offers each member a personal profile featuring social media links and a life timeline. I automated this to sync with Notion, allowing individuals to effortlessly input their details and receive a custom-built website in seconds!

The goal was to grow together and tackle misinformation. We would be the go-to place for people to find creators who came from qualified backgrounds and who knew their stuff! I got a taste for recruiting people and conducting informal interviews.

Ultimately, this project didn't make sense until I grew my own brand more, but it may be revived in the future. Refined Creators

Stealth Projects

Last year, I had been exploring some exciting ideas like TuneJig and LastVit with a team of entrepreneurial friends. While these projects are still in the conceptual stage and may never see the light of day, the skills I've acquired along the way are invaluable. Most importantly, the art of collaboration.

This year my entrepreneurial thinking has improved and I'm now spending a lot of time brainstorming new problems to solve. These problems must have STRONG pain points, with a clear 'Why Now' and have identifiable customers who I can communicate with/get feedback from.

To complement this, I am upskilling in sales, marketing, communication, negotiation, copywriting, SEO, and startup financials. Whilst learning new generalist skills such as: Figma (design work), HTML, CSS, JavaScript (landing page building), Arduino (microcontroller programming), Fusion360 (3D modeling), DaVinci Resolve (video editing), and Audacity (audio editing).

Somewhat unrelated, I've been diving into machine learning research using government data for which I secured special access. This project will be my first publication and I have the pleasure of working on it with one of my friends from university!